Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday part II

Thursdays are for suckers.  You can let The Man try to pull one over on you if you like.  Sure, everybody celebrates Thursdays...just try it...try it...try it...

Oh no, it's not a fake holiday trumped up by Hallmark and all of those fancy e-card sites with their adorable talking kittens and dancing, they'd never try to get you to buy into their day just to make a way.

Thursday?  Really?  Are you really going to try this?

Wednesday is hump day. Friday is a celebration of all things complete.  Thursday?  It's the week telling you, "Hey, it's not the beginning of the week...and not really the end suck on that lemmings"

Are you going to take that?

Not me mister.  I'm moving on.  Today is Wednesday's not quite as good sequel.  It's Fridays prequel and it's dead to me.

Not today Thursday, not today...


  1. thursday is friday eve :) its like chrsitmas eve - you just get to start being excited!!!!

  2. i'm gonna go with jana here.

  3. Thursday is to be celebrated as the uncontested best night of television programming.

  4. thursdays are symbolic in the church - maybe should be called St. Thursday ?

  5. thursday's child has far to go and so do i typing with one hand while holding granchild #4

    wonder how strong that hippo's toes are as she dances on tippy toe?