Monday, October 20, 2008


If you feel like today would be a good day to pal around, but you've got no pal...I happen to know one.

I'm not just talking about any ol' pal.  This isn't like one of those pay pals either - because if you're paying, he's not really your pal...he's a pro.

I live with a certified peer pal.  Griffin was selected to go through Peer Pal Training and is now the proud holder of a Peer Pal Certificate.  If a new student moves into Freedom Elementary School and is in need of a pal...who you gonna call?  That's right, you want somebody that's been trained.  You want someone qualified.  You need someone who has taken the necessary course work and has the credentials that you want in a pal.

You'd call Griff.

What has two thumbs and is a pal's pal?
This guy

(the one in the middle - the other two aren't to be trusted....until they get picked and trained as pals)


  1. what if the new kid is a total nerd?

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  3. Just throwing this out there...if the new kid grows up to be a terrorist, then Griff opens himself up to the charge of "pal-ing around with him." Just be careful.

  4. What if the terrorist kid is only like a terrorist in like third grade? Say he stink bombs the cafeteria. Then in high school he kind of just blends in and maybe becomes like a teacher's assistant or something.

    My question is, would Griff still be a Muslim?

  5. if the kid becomes teacher's pet (a deeper schmoozing relationship than assistant) in high school, then all threats against Griff are null and void. then kid risks the branding of total nerd.

  6. umm holy crap look at your kids. thats a good looking bunch murph, no lie. you should probably thank annie again for those good looking genes.