Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dancing with my car

I'm a few minutes away from engaging in something I detest.  There aren't many things I like less than running out to my car, unlocking it and then starting it....only to run back into the house.  Seems like I'm wasting some momentum in that whole interaction.

Warming up my car on a cold morning is one of my top four least favorite activities.
1.  vomiting nothing (also known east of the Mississippi as dry heaving)
2.  vacuuming and/or ironing
3.  going over to Brad's to hang out only to have him show you his latest line dancing moves
4.  Warming up the car
5.  watching any show with the word "dancing" in the title
6.  why am I still making this list?  I was really just talking about the top four?  I hate it when I do this...

So today wouldn't normally be that bad.  Someone in Michigan right now is saying, "that's not cold, cold is when you lose an appendage and don't feel it because you're out tanning" and that's when I answer, "yeah, but your football team is a bunch of stupid heads" and walk away triumphant in our superior football and weather....who's the big winner now Michigan?

I won't have to de-ice the locks or scrape the windows - it's just that today is the beginning of future such least I won't be dry-heaving while running out to the car...


  1. I have one word for you to contemplate ~


    You know, it's that building directly attached to your home that houses ____________.

  2. yeah, well toledo is not nearly as good a football team as you think... so there.

  3. Perspective is everything...

  4. So what do they call it west of the mississippi?

  5. Scott - that video was great - start to finish

    Bragg - they call it vomiting nothing - what are you a socialist?

  6. see what I did there?
    and I still don't know how to put a link in one of these comments...I'm dumb

  7. ughhhh... vomiting... dry OR wet, east or west, hate 'em all. i'd rather do an entire neighborhood's weeks worth of ironing to keep from hurling.