Monday, October 13, 2008

Books I'm not reading right now

__________(fill in the blank) for Dummies - my always-using-his-intro-to-Psychology-class friend tells me that labeling oneself as a dummy will eventually lead to hepatitis C or watching Mtv reality shows.

Mein Kampf - that guy is a really bad dude. I'm just not sure we should buy his book.  I don't care what Brad says...

Any comic book or graphic novel. If a picture equals 1,000 words - well who has the time to read a book with 250,000,000 words?

Fuller's book - it's not out yet, but I'm waiting.

Anything on Oprah's list. She doesn't control me...does she?

Any e-book.  I hate squinting at the screen and it actually costs more to print all those pages.

The book of love.  If I don't know who wrote it, I'm not reading it.

I'm not reading a lot of books.  I just had recently heard that we're supposed to have these book lists on our blogs.  Blogger hasn't been sending me the notes on what to have and not have on my blog, so I'm out here on an island just trying to figure it out.  They won't return my calls either.
Prima Donnas.


  1. I'm still waiting for Sean Murphy's book to come out..

  2. I'm so glad you spelled that for me. I always thought it was Pre-Madonna. So I just thought everyone was talking about people that were cool before '82 or so. Lots of things make sense now!

  3. Read...Who has time to read anymore? If you can sit down and read, I say you have too much time on your hands. Audio-books! Listen and jog. Listen and do the dishes. Listen and drive. Try those three things with Follet's "The Pillars of the Earth" in your hands.