Friday, October 17, 2008

I let the dogs out - me, me, me (they really had to go)

I've been doing the math and it turns out that a dog year = 365 days.  I've spoken to a few and apparently they go by the same Gregorian Calendar that you and I work with.  They're not wrapped up in printing calendars like we are, but the facts remain...same basic deal.

Sure they're still pissed about leap year, but thats one that they gave us.  They originally wanted a day that lasted a day + six hours once a year...but that's just stupid.  No offence, but dogs sometimes make really silly suggestions.  This is largely why they've decided to just go with our definition of a year.

This whole one human year equals seven dogs years silliness, well that's for the birds (don't get me started on those coo-coos).

It's insulting - it's condescending - it's irrational - and it's largely a slap in the face to dogs everywhere.

It's time to move on.  It's time for truth.


  1. cats probably made up the seven dog year idea -- felines love nothing better than to insult canines.

  2. If one were to visit, one would see a graph based upon a dog's age and weight to gauge the approximate age in human years.
    10 year old dog
    Under 20 pounds = Age 56
    Over 90 pounds = Age 78

    It makes me think twice about the kibbles I put in MY mouth, that's for sure!