Thursday, October 02, 2008

that's really cool

You'll rarely find the word "Golly" not preceded by the word "By" or followed by "Gee Whiz".

I know I know - Prove it Sean.  Let's see you put your money where your mouth is hot shot.

Well I can't.  It's just something I feel.  It's like when Bragg instinctively knows a puppy is lost and needs our help - you can't teach's just who I am.

I'll go one step further.  I don't think you'll hear the word "Golly" not uttered sarcastically for the rest of this year.  2008 will not be the year of unsarcastic golly.  I'm thinking we're looking at 2013 or 14 at the earliest.

I can't do it.  Oh sure I could give it a shot..but who am I kidding?  I could get away with an "that's awesome" perhaps a "nice!" but "golly"?  It'd take a better man than I young fella...

I miss golly.  I hope he's safe out there.  And before you get all feminist and insist on a gender neutral description of that long forgotten word...he's a he.  Don't ask me how I know...I just do.


  1. i beg to differ sean. don't ask me why...i just do.

    ps-it may have something to do with 'good golly miss molly'


    Did John Kerry play Gomer Pile?

  3. i think they still use golly in the south... along with the confederate flag and the flowbee.

  4. Jumpin Jupiter! I love the olde tymie cussing. I feel so liberated when I let out a slew of diddly daggone it's. Shucky darns, that felt good.

  5. Chris,
    do you kiss your mom with that mouth?

  6. Eww, no. That's gross.

    I kiss my mom with YOUR mouth. So ha! Oh wait, that's weird. Huh. Awkward.

    I'll just stand over here with my hands in my pockets and whistle...

  7. I stand by flibberty gibbett as a byword.