Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I've decided to make Tuesdays -Two for Tuesdays in November.  I've felt guilty about not givng October a clever theme (Rocktober, Proctober, Captain Spoktober, Remember to change your clocktober) and feel like making Tuesdays "Twosdays" might make up for it.

So here's the deal - you get two gems for the same price as one gem on Monday or Wednesday.

That's almost double.

Yesterday you got a history lesson - today you'd get double that.  I'm not saying that it'll be two history lessons, but it could be.  I'm just saying that you're getting twice the value on Tuesdays in November. (I'm also thinking through a "Snovember" theme - but that's up to the globe whether or not it's going to continue the trend of not getting any warmer this decade)

This feels a little like the episode where the Fonz was mid-air over the trash cans on his motorcycle and we had to wait a week to find out if he plunged to his death...but you're just going to have to tune in next week to see Twosdays in action....it'll be my Fonzie jumping the trashcan moment...


  1. Aaaaay! Cheerio, mate.

  2. Or Fonz jumping the shark.

  3. Loavember, celebrating the wonder of bread.

    Irish Rovember... or Oirish ,as they say in Ireland.

    Dovember, a retrospective on the great dives of famous swimmers. Not to be confused with Turtle Dovember.

    Grovember, where we have a moment of silence for Grover, of Sesame Street, and Sly and the Family Stone fame.

  4. clever, sean. happy days used to air on tuesdays. right before laverne and shirley.

  5. dang it fuller. that was my joke

  6. fuller and jana
    you two have the same jokes a lot...
    and Fonzie jumping the cans? That was sort of where I was going. You guys are messing with me, right?