Saturday, October 04, 2008

I'm just not sure that this is the message for our children

I would think they'd want us to vote.  It just seems like they're saying bad things.
Shouldn't we vote.  This is very confusing...

"that sounds like a t-shirt company to me"


  1. That's great!

    In Ohio, you can vote early. You just need a cell-phone bill with a name, preferably your name on it, to register. Long live the Republic!

    At least they are stirring up issues.

    Don't respond to this post.

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    So I only got 1:13 minute into it. Good concept. WAY to freaking long.
    It's so inspiring when celebrities get involved in politics. Like when Paris Hilton encouraged me to vote 4 years ago and then didn't herself. That was so hot.
    They tried too hard. lame.

    stepping off of my soapbox,
    jen (sorry, I don't have a blog. Maybe somebody should send me a YouTube video encouraging me not to get a blog...)

  3. Anonymous4:14 PM

    If you can vote, you're not a child. And if you're an average 18-35 year old American voter, you're probably addicted to celebrities.

  4. Wonderful.
    Thank you for sharing this with us all.
    I have added your blog to my list of favs if that is okay with you. Keep up the great job you do with you blog. I enjoy it alot. Have a great week! :-)

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    I know I personally only do what celebrities do so now I'm going to vote. I mean, I totally wasn't going to before, but they seemed so compelling. At first they didn't want me to vote, then they did? And then the condecending "you do know you have to register?" was my favorite! I love when celebrities insult my intelligence. In fact - I may vote twice to prove my patriotism. And besides - I don't want the polar bears to drown....

  6. Anonymous10:11 AM

    A lot of people don't vote. In a democracy, all people who enjoy the liberty afforded them should exercise their responsibility to elect the people that speak for them. It's stupid not to.

    If this ad works to get some people to think about what's important to them, to educate themselves about whose agenda matches their own and get out there and vote, then it's a good thing. If it doesn't work on you, then I hope another approach will.