Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Living La Vida Loca

It occurred to me that today would be a good day to celebrate popular thought and culture. Let’s thumb our noses at those in the minority and celebrate everything that’s popular. We’ll let them talk about how great their vinyl jazz albums are while we listen to whatever American Idol is producing these days. Let’s call our Dave Matthews fan-friends and proclaim our love for Ants Marching.

Let the snobs turn their noses in the other direction as we watch reality television and proclaim our obsequious devotion to that bad girl that is nice to everyone to their faces…but she’s really a naughty little girl 14 months away from her first Playboy cover.

We will worship at the altar of fast food restaurants and $100 million dollar movies. Today we’ll ignore art house documentaries and eat our popcorn in front of our anthropomorphic technicolor gods chasing girls and cars.

You drink your $7 coffee and $3 italian stale bread – we’ll grab a free cup of joe from the front desk and grab a handful of m & m’s while we’re up there.

I know that popular does not equal cool, but today that’s ok. If that means dancing with the stars…well that’s where I draw the line. I personally am going to abstain from that, but not because I’m above it…it’s just that it’s “stars” dancing and…come on. I also am going to have to sit out on Desperate Housewives. Tell you what – I’ll watch an Ultimate Fighter marathon and we’ll call it even.

Snobs – you’ll have your day back soon…never you mind.
and oh yeah...that's clip art my friend


  1. I consider myself a partial snob because I brag about my Miles Davis vinyl record of "Kind of Blue" with the original 1959 album cover? And because I have an extra copy of the record for safe keeping while I play the other. I celebrate my snobness once a week when "Kind of Blue" takes me to another world above all the poor in jazz spirit people.

  2. j steg, you kind of just became my hero. i'm horribly jealous. Kind of Blue (on cd) literally changed my life. Or at the very least my music life.
    a previous ode to Blue

  3. yeah, yeah, yeah, "Kind Of Blue". Blah, blah, blah. I thought we were supposed to be celebrating popular culture in which case as far as jazz greats and extremely popular songs go the rule of thumb after 1962 is "never the two shall meet" except of course for the ever celebrated anthem of 1983, Herbie Hancock's "Rockit". Yikes. And then we understood why rules had been put in place for such a thing. Don't forget that Herbie apart from being a genius was also Miles pianist for most all of his greatest albums although I think it was Bill Evans who played on "Kind of Blue".
    So just for today go dig out your vinyl copy of the 1983 Herbie Hancock album "Future Shock" and play it loud and proud people.

  4. Perfect!! Just in time for the elections!!!

  5. This post just gave me more energy than my Diet Mt. Dew has been able to.