Monday, September 07, 2009

You're welcome

You don't have to sign any more facebook petitions.  Twitter can be abuzz with the next big story.
I'm back.
So Fuller, you can stop with the 3 A.M. phone calls that alternate between angry rants and crying for more.  Please stop the e-mail campaign.  No more letters.  Brad, if you send me one more picture of a cute puppy and your not so veiled threat...well that just seems a little over the top.

It's not worth you leaving your boyfriend over Liz.

Everything is ok again Luis, you can turn your focus back to bad Indian food and the travailing.

I'll be honest.  I was flattered by the billboard on Kemper road.  I just think maybe that money could have been better spent.  Maybe flowers or a poem?

Things you've missed these past two weeks?
-I broke my hip...or at least it feels like it.
-two miniature vans filled up for a total of $1.68...or something like that
-Coop learned to snap
-Griff is dominating the third grade
-Parker wore an Ohio State cheerleading uniform while complaining about their poor offensive line play
-Annie is still funny, smart, beautiful and an excellent speller
-I still have no idea how to care for my lawn
-I still don't care much about that
-movie wrapped
-many movies left unseen (Funny People, Inglorious Basterds are on my short list)
-P & G sold their pharmaceuticals division

...and that about covers it.


  1. in all seriousness.... you were gone?

  2. "Sean, Please start your blog back up!!! It's all Brad will talk about." -Leah

    Bradley, picturing you ...waking up and screaming with glee when you see the new post. It's everything you can do to hold off for one hour before you send a comment...anything to be on this weblog again.

    you're welcome

  3. God does answer prayer.

  4. yesssssssssssssssss