Thursday, September 24, 2009

C.S. Lewis prevents forest fires?

The progression of a crusader is predictable. What starts out as an important part of their devotion to Christ soon becomes the most important part of their devotion to Christ. Then, before long, it’s likely to become even more important than their devotion to Christ.”
-Clive Staples Lewis
C.S. if you’re nasty
I can’t argue with Clive on this one for two reasons:

1. He’s dead and that’d just be a one sided argument…a rant really.
2. I think he’s probably right. I’ve seen it over and over again – mostly with me, but a few of you do it too. I’m mostly talking about you here though.
I think we do the same thing with politics. We sort of do the opposite. We get so bound up with picking sides that we stop thinking/discussing about topics and instead concentrate on “what our side thinks”.
Either way I think we could fix this with three easy steps that I learned from a certain bear out there (I’m not talking about him )
1. Stop

2. Drop

3. Roll
you’ve gotta stop every once in a while and remind yourself of what’s really true or right
you’ve gotta drop the attitude and pick up the gratitude (mostly wanted to rhyme here…maybe would have used humility if it rhymed or started with an A)
Roll with it fella…or ladies…or children…no matter who you are, the rolling is what puts out the fire…metaphorically that is….

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  1. Like talking Clive? You a Clive-Talker? Clive-Turkey?

    (I'm channeling Red Foxx)

    "Crusador" is a a name that has been used to describe he or she claiming to follow something/someOne that they really don't know, which often includes acting-out in a violent way.

    I should claim to be a "SkyDiver" without ever feeling the thrill, glee, and peace of jumping from the plane and landing safely, ... all the while walking around, ... thumping on people who are not skydivers.

    (Imagine that I have a jacket, ... and hat, ... and even a badge or something, ... claiming "SKY DIVER." Please do include the notion in the "imaginate" of me habitually paying dues to the SKY DIVING CLUB.)

    I fully understand how skydiving works, but I've never done it.

    So to propose that my *understanding* of skydiving should have any impact on others experience of such might indicate that any relevant crusading has more to do with my own insecurity and selfishness than it does with the welfare and peace of (what the guy in the jacket, hat, and badge believes is) the "crusaded."

    Rather, a real "crusade" is a private conversation between the ransomed and the ransomer, the freedom-seaking and the freedom-fighter, ... and anything else is nothing more than this world's *man* rolling around in the mess of his own trapped ego.

    Love Wins.