Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mo Money

I drove by a filling station this morning and I was struck by two things.

1.  Gas is still relatively cheap.  Seems like water falls from the sky and people are selling it for at least a dollar a gallon...  Gas on the other hand does not fall from the sky.  That'd be awful.
2.  The gasoline station had $2.45, $2.53 and $4.95 on their sign.  I couldn't figure out why the premium was so much more expensive, or really how premium got so snobbish in the first place.  Turns out it wasn't premium at all, it was for the smokes.

People love their smokes.  You've got your addicted to cigarettes group, and your I want to appear cool at parties groups.  Either way, for $5 a pack I'd much rather wear my Frankie Says Relax t-shirt when I want to fit in at a hip party.
Spending $10 a day on a habit makes sense if your habit is eating food or feeding orphans, but I'd have to place a limit on the sweet, sweet menthol rush.  Do they still sell Swisher Sweets?


  1. Do you have ash trays outside the Vineyard?

  2. we do indeed my friend
    we do indeed