Friday, August 21, 2009

just curious

It seems like the best way to blow a fuse is by turning on a hair dryer.  If your neighbor is watching tv while you plug in a hair'd better know where your breaker box is located.

So I don't know much about electricity, but it seems like those things take up a lot of it.

Having said that, couldn't you make the argument that having a wall hand dryer is less green than having a paper towel dispenser?

I'm going to take that side of the argument.  I'm also going to say they're a lot louder (noise polution is a thing, right?) more annoying, take longer and blow dirty hand-water vapor into my lungs.
So, let's stop the insanity and bring back the sandpaper-tough hand towels and focus on more important things, like world peace and a possible Monkeys reunion...


  1. what happened to drying your hands in your pockets? has that fallen out of style?

  2. add toasters, space heaters, microwaves, and coffee makers to the list of juice guzzlers.

  3. the monkeys are having a reunion!?! when? where? how can i get tickets? that davy jones is just dreamy!

  4. Monkeys... Monkees... whatever. I met Mickey Dolenz and he's just as majestic as he ever was. Read into that as you will.

    Can't wait to see you guys in a month or so.

  5. just took a bit of a break...I'll probably start back next week. It's hard to find the courage to write in the face of the Hydroseal defeat...

    praying for next year