Friday, September 11, 2009

Wygant Tour stop - Cincinnati

I remember when young Ben came back from a trip down south ablaze with the memories of this young lady he'd just met.

"She's way out of my league, Murph"

That didn't stop the tall fella with the Bo & Luke like upbringing and the emo blaring from his internet pod.  He took a shot and asked her out.  It's sort of a commitment to drive six hours just to pick up your date.

And now she's taken his name and increased the likelihood that his future brood will be a lot smarter and better looking.  Ben married that young lady, named after my favorite Friends character, and today they will rejoin us for a weekend of stories, Chipotle and possibly poker.  Annie and I will get the house ready, hurriedly stick a picture of them on our fridge and start practicing beans.

We can't wait to see them.

It's going to be a good one...

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