Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It was the worst of times, and then it wasn't so bad

Kanye West says a lot of stupid stuff.  Two nights ago he said some really great things.

Three nights ago is an entirely different story.  You know the story, so let me just make a few remarks as though I were the one telling you the whole story. (you know the details, these are just my remarks)
-can you believe that?
-I have no idea
-I think he was...a little at least
-it was a good video, but still...I mean...come on...

He made a fool of himself, and then he stood up and admitted it.
That's all you need in my book (which is leather bound...but still has pictures)
If you didn't read his webblog, well why aren't you reading his weblog?  If you have a job, quit it...children, ignore to the next Steeler's game, give them to me.  Do whatever you have to do to make time for these important words.
I liked what he wrote..sortta.  I still wasn't on board.
And then I saw his interview on Leno.  I'm more of a Letterman/Kimmel guy, but Brad keeps trying to convince me that "Jay Leno is the funniest guy ever to walk this planet" I watched episode one.

If you didn't see it, here 'tis. (fifth segment)

I appreciated his words and I believe.
Maybe I'm a sap, but second chances have worked out fairly well for me...and third...and fourth...



  2. I rarely laugh out loud at pics...but that was pretty solid