Tuesday, September 08, 2009

the worst

I had this little bump in my sock.  Maybe it was in my shoe, or in my head....but I was pretty sure it was a sock issue.  So I unlace, reach down and pull up the sock.  What I'm hoping to do is pull it taut. That's sock 101.   I want to put pressure on that bump and make him (I see it as a male bump) wish he'd just kept quiet.

And then I felt the sock rip.

Well that's a fine how do you do.

So now I'm unlacing, resocking and that cost me three minutes.
Time = Money.  Money = Power (according to Diddy) Power = Influence.  Influence = Authority.

My bump in my sock just cost me authority.  For that he will pay.  Oh sure, he's got me by the bootstrap...we're headed straight into sock season.  What am I gonna do, wear flip flops and sandals all winter?



  1. If i am following then: Authority=Choices, Choices=Power, Power=Utility, Utility=Comforting of pride in utilitarianism..hey!!look what I can do! u r one nutty professor! i need to buy more socks.

  2. i'm asking dave ramsey to let you spend more for higher quality socks so that doesn't happen again.