Thursday, September 10, 2009

I love 'em

More than any other sport, I love professional football.

More than any other league, I love the National Football League.

More than Fuller loves driving to church, I love tonight.

More than Joe loves hugs from strangers, I love the Pittsburgh Steelers.

More than Brad loves two songs shoved together, I love great defense and a strong running game.

More than Art Rooney loves Ireland, I love the Steel City.

More than Annie loves Coccia House Pizza, I love Big Ben.

I love the Steelers like a small child loves a new toy.

I love them like Jana loves abbreviating words.

like Jarnsie loves electronic mail messages

Like CDay loves having a facial and a mani-pedi

like Julee loves organizing and like the Stegman men love being able to crush you like a ping pong ball...if they wanted to

I love them like Lu loves James and like Carl loves Box Car Willie.

I can't contain my excitement over watching the team that, statistically speaking, is more likely to win the Super Bowl than any other team...

I love them

not as much as I love Sags, but lets not get carried away here...


  1. i'm not sure they deserve all your affection.

    RIP box car, RIP

  2. i couldn't disagree more about the nfl.

  3. found your blog from lindsay (mapes) ables blog.

    if you love pro football check out my husband's blog...