Friday, August 07, 2009

Michael W. Smith

I get  to see a bunch of friends today.  Young Steve will be at the summit sitting next to Paul, Joe & Brad.  I haven't laughed at Brad's expense as much as we did at lunch I'm wishing I could repeat the same today.
I ran into Peter Raber and a few other folks I haven't seen in a long time yesterday.  It's always fun to see old friends you haven't seen in a while.
That's sort of the theme of my evening as well.  I get to see two of my old roomates and another great friend at dinner tonight.  Steve, Rick, Erik and I will eat grilled meat and talk about the old times.  Those guys will ask me tough questions about real life stuff, and I miss that.  I miss seeing those guys all the time.  It's always been too long...
And then we'll head off to the 40th Anniversary of Young Life in Cincinnati.  It's guaranteed to be a great night of seeing people I haven't seen in years or decades.  5 just wish Buddha and the Mrs. would come into town a few days earlier and join us. 

Annie and I always wonder who we're going to see that we didn't expect to see...I'm banking on running into Abe Vigoda.

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