Wednesday, August 05, 2009

THE movie club

It goes without saying that none of us read a book unless we first see it on Oprah's list.  Here's my problem...
What movies should I go to?  If Oprah can tell us the right books to read, doesn't it stand to reason that she owes it to this nation...this planet to create Oprah's movie club?
Keep in mind that I'm not saying the government should force her to do that.  I'm just saying they should implement an incentive plan a la the beginning of Armageddon (that might even be on  her list).
Maybe she puts in an Oprah scale just to let you know how much she likes a particular film.
-an I LOVEEEEEED IT would be reserved for only the finest films, or movies with her friends
-A Gail would be for a movie she'd go see if she owned the theater or produced the movie...and it was ok
-A Stedman would be something that she could take or leave
-A Letterman would be something you'd want to stay away from
I'm not saying that Oprah should make every decision for us, but with a brain like hers...wouldn't we all be better off?

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