Thursday, August 20, 2009

School is coming...

Griffin found out who his third grade teacher is yesterday.  This began a string of 30+ phone calls to all his friends asking them if they're in Ms. Kessen's class.  Our phone has been ringing as well.  Apparently Griff's best friend (besides me) is next door...with one of his other best friends.  He does have a bunch of friends in this class and it's fun to see him so excited to get back to the books.
He's a pretty smart little fella and loves to read, but I think he forgets about all the homework they give you now in grade school.  When I was in the third grade they were teaching us the colors of things like grass and the they're breaking down genome dna extraction and learning about how great socialized medical reform for young people who don't need hip replacements.
It's a whole new world?

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