Friday, August 14, 2009

shooting star

I think I've figured out how someone could be an immediate star.  Oh sure, you could jump up and down in front of the Today show could send in a video of your son "accidentally" swinging the whiffle ball bat and hitting you in your bathing suit parts...but I'm thinking bigger.

Why not shoot yourself out of a cannon?

Seems so simple, right?  Have you ever heard of anyone getting hurt while being shot out of a cannon?  Me neither.  You ever hear of anyone getting hurt in a car?  Me too.  It's just simple math, if you drive a car you're going to crash it and have to wait for someone to get that adrenaline rush so they can lift the car off of you.  If you get shot out of a cannon, you just land on a big air bag and collect your adulation.  Money, fame, spandex...seems like a no-brainer.

You're welcome.


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  2. You and me shot out of a cannon in spandex? Sounds like a sellout to me.