Monday, August 03, 2009

Why does Fuller hate poor people?

In our search for a better, faster version of our 2001 Miniature Van, we stopped by a few lots to see what was out there.  We weren't really looking to buy from one, but they're usually a good place to see a bunch of used cars all in one spot...and if there was a great deal out there we'd consider it.
Now keep in mind that we recently took a financial class that mentioned about 437 times that buying a new car is stupid.  I've heard a few of these so called "financial experts" try to claim that buying a car that will depreciate by 10% as soon as you drive it off the lot is a bad idea.  Whatever.  Sure it'll lose 70% of it's value in four years...and you could argue that you could buy a car that still has 80% of it's life left after someone else greatly depreciates the cost for you....and um...I guess maybe buying new isn't that great now that I think of it...

These classes often go to great lengths to show you why financing a car is even worse.  You're paying interest on something that is quickly going down in value.  It's sort of the opposite of what you want financially.
It's generally a bad idea to buy a new car, and as someone in a very low tax's worse for me.
Let's say I'm considered poor according to our United States government.
Should the government push poor people, like me, into buying a new car?  Yes - if they hate poor people and they want to encourage them to make bad decisions.  I had a couple of the car lot guys tell me that because of the cash to clunkers deal, there were less inexpensive cars out there for sale.  Once someone turns one into a car lot, the government is making them junk them.  That means there are less cheap cars for poor people to buy...which drives up the cost of the lower end cars that are still out there...and it seems again like the government hates poor people.


  1. I'm confused because I hear a lot of people say that our government is becoming Socialist. And that's just the opposite of what you're saying. Because that would mean our government hates the rich people, with all the distribution of wealth and no incentive for financial success.

    Maybe our government just hates everyone.

  2. 1) Buckminster Fuller hates poor people?

    2) I have never been prouder of C-Day in my entire life.

    3) Sean, it's almost like your saying the rich should bear the burden of the poor. Because there's no such thing as a used car unless someone buys a new car at some point.

    So, if the rich buy new cars (because they can afford them) every few years, they pay more, thus allowing the poor to enjoy quality used cars, while paying less.

    But think of all those rich people being taken advantage of under this system. So very sad.

    When will the rich people in this country catch a break? When oh when will their nightmare end?

  3. Fuller,
    you're honestly saying that the government giving people money for new cars for their clunkers is a way to get the future used cars out there for the folks who will need them in 10 years?
    I know you're smarter than this, so I'm banking on you just arguing to try to win at this point...

    and somehow this came out as a sarcastic jab at rich people not catching breaks - did you miss the part about this being bad for those who can't afford new cars and this depleting the used car market? (hint - not talking about the rich folks here)

    I feel like you missed a bunch on this one

    As far as C-Day - I was prouder of you with Tuba Wolf and when you punched that little old lady for cutting in front of you at the dollar store

  4. She totally had it coming. She had been eyeballing me since we met in the hair care aisle in front of the banana clips. I'd punch her again if given the chance.

    I am still confused about who our government hates. Seriously. Seems like everyday I simply hear tons of accusations. The rich are getting screwed, no maybe the poor are getting screwed, or maybe the middle class. Which is it? Seems as if we're throwing tons of accusations hoping at least some will stick. Yet very few of the people actually making the accusations have the balls to run for office and try to make a difference. You're either part of the solution or...

    Our ecomony has stunk for awhile, not just since January like some would like to think. But the blame game solves nothing. I'd love to see some of these armchair politicians try their hand.

  5. I think you totally missed my point. Which is, of course, that I hate poor people AND rich people. And the middle class.

    And foreigners.

  6. Besides the blatant misuse of the word "Socialist" in this comment section, I also find it surprising that nobody commented on the fact that our government coincidentally owns a car manufacturer.

    "Cars for Clunkers" isn't intended to help rich people or poor people. It's intended to help car companies.

    The fact that it also hurts poor people does not bother Obama because the dude is not about and never has been about helping the poor.

    You're a good guy, Fuller, but if you believe there's anything about this program that helps the poor I've got a bridge to sell you.

  7. first off - Micah, I've got dibs on that bridge

    And Fuller - by you mean the Irish? because we're a fairly solid group and we brought you boiled meats & cabbage, U2 and Dexey's Midnight Runner

  8. For the record, I was just quoting all the Tom, Dick, and Harry's I see on the news. Socialist is the word THEY use.

    Why does the government own a car company? I think that's a better question. Why are the car companies in trouble? Or the banks? And when did this trouble start? I'm not standing up for Obama. But to solve any problem you must find the cause of that problem. If Obama or this current government is somehow the cause of these problems, then absolutely, let's go after them and solve this thing. If they aren't the cause, then let's go after the cause and solve it.

  9. Lots of griping and no answers. That's what I hear.

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  11. Well, at least we all agree that "Cash for Clunkers" isn't a solution.

  12. You never answered the question as to WHY the car companies were hurting in the first place. I don't like the bailouts either. I don't want to put a bandaid on a broken leg. Why is the leg broken? And the car companies were hurting before Obama came along. I'm not blaming Bush either. I just want to find the root of the problem.

    I definitely agree on the news watching. We are force fed news everywhere.

  13. I have to be honest. I'm not even sure what "Cash for Clunkers" is. And who is this Obama everyone keeps talking about?

    I was just making the point that not everyone can buy used cars. A used car has to be new before it's used. So poor people need to depend upon rich people to buy the new cars first. Which means the poor are asking the rich to "spread the wealth," which I believe Sean disagrees with, which I also believe is exactly what he is promoting on his blog, which has me confused.


  14. Steve, on the odd chance that you're being serious...

    The problem with "Cash for Clunkers" isn't that "rich" people are getting new cars. The problem is that perfectly good old cars are being destroyed for absolutely no reason.

    "Clunkers" is a misnomer, since I don't think I've hardly ever had a car that would have gotten me more than $4500 as a trade-in. These aren't beaters falling apart, these are perfectly good cars that could be expected to last a lot longer. Even if they weren't you could always salvage them for parts.

    What ever happened to recycling?

  15. Chris, there's a difference between "car companies" and "GM."

    GM's hurting because it's a really poorly run company. It has been for a long time. That has nothing to do with Bush OR Obama.

    The thing is that generally, when companies are run by incompetents, we don't reward them with billions of taxpayer dollars. And when we do, it never ends well.

  16. SAGS!!
    Is that really you? Oh say it is - please tell me you've finally stumbled upon this poor reflection of your greatness via weblog and decided to leave us your wise words!
    I don't even care if you believe it helps poor people to have people, both rich and poor, buy new cars with the hope of future used cars. That makes perfect sense now.
    I've seen the light!
    thank and I'll be surviving suburbia with you just as soon as they're smart enough to bring it on back home where it belongs...

  17. Totally agree.

    I drive a Nissan. And I like sake. So I don't mind throwing a few bucks toward Japan.

    Funny story, a guy at work was complaining about so many of us driving foreign cars. He was proud of his American Ford and how all the money he spent on it stayed in the States. Until we did a little research and found that his stereo was partly made by the Sony company. The airbags, made in China. He made us stop researching. I'm sure we could have found a whole lot more.

    People are gullible and live under rocks.

  18. tell him my Honda was made in Ohio...and to get back to work and see him some firearms...

  19. and Toyota Camrys are made in Georgetown, Kentucky.

  20. ford focus made in canada, by poor drunk people.

  21. Poor, drunk people with amazing healthcare!

  22. you mean like the amazing healthcare they have in England?
    and why are poor people always drunk in your world?

    either way - 2 day 'til Ferguson