Monday, August 10, 2009

Hitting the Nuts

You could take that title several different ways.  It's either a mean spirited physical attack on people living in a psychiatric facility, a mean spirited physical punishment of sorts, or a poker term indicating that you have the best possible hand....which isn't mean at all...unless you hate good poker hands.

Since filming begins today for Hitting the Nuts, and it's the “true” story of the annual illegal poker championship in Scott County, could reasonably assume it's a poker reference.  It's also in the Cincinnati Enquirer today and was in Variety a few weeks ago.  If you follow that trajectory, my weblog is the next natural write up for this local film.
All this to say, it's great to see my friend Joe live out something that's been bouncing around in his head and on his computer for so many years.  It's fun to be a part of the whole thing and I'm really looking forward to how this thing comes out.

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