Wednesday, May 28, 2008

what's in a name?

I'm wondering why Mr. & Mrs. Baggins decided on their son's name. I'd guess they went through the normal lists, books, internet pages....

let's see...hmm...Steve Baggins? No, that's a bit plain. Brad Baggins! I like the illiteration, but let's keep looking. Hmm...well if it's a girl we know we're going to go with Gabriel Andrea - and that way we can call her Gabbie.

But what if it's a boy? I definitely don't like the initials T.B., O.B., W.B., or Y.B.
What if we made up a name? We could go with a common object that people are very familiar with - but not in the context of a name! Like Apple! No, that's just silly.

What about naming him after someone famous - like Elvis Baggins? Or Carrot Top Baggins!

I've got it! The greatest name of all time! This seems so simple now that I see if from this perspective. Bilbo Baggins! Done! Let's move on.

Ultimately, everyone will call him Bags anyhow...

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  1. I'll bet he was just happy his last name wasn't Daggins.