Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Passion is something that I love/hate.

I was in a meeting where someone let me know about how one of the key players had really screwed up. I remember thinking, "bummer..." and that was about it. I just wasn't that passionate about what was going on. I was disappointed, but I quickly got over it. It just was something I did...and if people let me down...well...bummer.

I also remember staying up an entire night when I'd heard about someone I cared very greatly for having some really awful stuff happening in their life (vague enough for you?). It killed me. It was one of the worst nights of my life. It tore at me because I cared.

Passion for something/someone can be a great motivator. It's also something that can tear at you. On some level it's nice to not be passionate about some things, because being hurt sucks.

It's kind of nice to not care that much and to not get too upset when things go south. I won't be the person losing sleep over that one American Idol person not winning the karaoke crown.

On the other hand - I still cry out to NBC and their devastating decision to cancel the greatest show in the last ten years.

Passion is what wakes me up on the mornings that I know I'll see Brad in his manpris. It's what gets me excited about a day away with my gal. It's what tears me apart when I see Coop go through this crazy "BUT I DON'T WANT TO!" stage.

just happens to be what I was thinking about...that's all.

It's a powerful thing...that passion...


  1. can we just talk, for one second, about how much i love your blog?

  2. they're not manpris, passionfruit. they're called floods.