Thursday, May 22, 2008

my seth godin impersonation

Twice in the last week I’ve walked into a store and heard, “how are you doing?”. OK, that’s not really that unusual. What I didn’t love about these last two greetings was that I had no idea who said them.

I’d walk into a store, hear the above greeting…and look around. Nobody is looking at me. There’s that one guy that looks like the most likely candidate. Should I say, “pretty good, how about you?” to the guy?

I’m in the store for 20 seconds and I already feel like I’m being rude because I’m not answering the greeter. I'm immediately frustrated.
The problem isn’t me though. I’m nothing if not anxious to say, “fantastic, and you?” to anyone who asks. I’m ready and more than willing to respond to store people. The problem is that there’s always someone in the store who has the job of saying, “Hi” to everyone when they walk in. It’s probably part of their training checklist:
1. say hi to everyone that comes in.
2. sell our stuff
3. thank them when they buy our stuff

Maybe they could add these helpful hints:
1a Look at the person that you’re saying “hi” to.
2a Help the customer with whatever they need.
3a Look at them and smile as you thank them

I think this would go a long way towards not making someone feel rude or frustrated when they walk in.

you’re welcome

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