Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It turns out that the hunger walk was Against hunger...so it was totally different than the walk for education and peace walk. Lesson learned.

The kids can say they've walked, been carried or traveled via stroller at least five kilometers at once now. They referred to it as a 5k, but they also kept saying things like, "2 more miles left" which was a bit confusing for our three children that we're trying to raise metrically.

Thousands of people entered the hunger walk and I'm not sure exactly what place I came in...I'm pretty sure I didn't place (I wasn't paying attention when they were handing out the medals) but I can tell you I easily beat Brad & Joe. I'm not saying that I'm that much faster than those two, I'm just saying that I'm undefeated in races against both of them.
You should probably know that we walked together as a group and we really weren't in much of a hurry.

Either way - I smoked them.

So tens of thousands of dollars were made - Actually around $64,000 for folks who are need of a good meal.

And who couldn't use a good meal?


  1. Your son came in dead last. Out of 2,000+ he was the worst. He couldn't even beat a guy with cellulitis.

    I hope you grounded him. Or at least put him in the shame closet for a few hours.

  2. Really? Are you raising your kids on metric? Because I think that's amazing. And if I didn't already know you, I would want to know you purely for that fact. But I already know you so I guess that's taken care of.

  3. Wait, this weekend I'm supposed to be riding a bicycle for Breast Cancer. Have I been duped?