Thursday, May 01, 2008


I’m not changing a darn thing today. Oh sure, it’d be great to talk about how this will be the day that I stick my flag in the ground and claim this territory for peace, joy, encouragement, Saget, etc…but not today. Today is not that big of a deal frankly...

Today I’m going to remain the same. I’m going to go about my day just going about my day.

No great proclamations. No epiphanies. Just another manic Thursday.

I’ll leave the quest for the next step to the fella at the next blog over. I’m just going to be the guy that goes to work and works late…because I have a lot of freaking meetings that are going really way too late in the day for me to spend any real time with my family today!!! ...and I'm back...

So no, I’m not going to turn over a leaf today – old or new. There will be no leaf turning. Not on my watch. Not today. You can call me the leaf avoider.

What an awful nickname that’d be…

“Hey leaf avoider, how’s it going?” “Um…pretty good leaf turner over fella”

Nope, not gonna give myself a bad nickname today either…not today.



  2. I wrote the opening scene of "Grads" last night. Think a mixture of Saved by the Bell, Ed, Dawson's Creek, and Small Wonder.