Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Newsweek has put together their list of the top high schools in the nation.
Sadly, once again Newsweek has ignored the preeminent school in these United States- Worthington H.S. - home of the Cardinals.

This is the school that produced Jack Plotnick, Phillip Joseph Boyd and me. You do the math.

What do you want your high school to produce if not awesomeness?

You could say, "that's a nice building, I sure do appreciate their shiny sign and impressive brick" but that's judging a book by it's cover (something I learned was wrong in my sociology class). You could say, "Hey, let's put that one high school on our list because I'm tired and just want to go home" but according to Buddy Bell, my 9th grade gym teacher, you're probably just tired due to a lack of the poor nutrition.

Newsweek, I offer this as my proof that Worthington produces excellence.
(and by "this" I'm actually referring to this incredible blog post)
you're welcome


  1. Where does Cincinnati St. Xavier wind up on the list? Did we make #1? Or did Newsweek have to give a wink-and-nod to gender equity, and give it to an all-girls school?

  2. Go Cards! Don't forget about Wendy, Dave Thomas' daughter.

  3. the foley twins don't even get a MENTION in this post? strange...