Thursday, May 15, 2008

strepping lightly

So the boy has strep throat again. I've been trying to convince him that he has to wash his hands a bunch so he doesn't get strep elbow. He's not buying it.

I was fighting some sort of virus for most of the last two weeks and I'm hoping that I didn't pass anything Griff's way. There's not much worse than seeing your kid with a fever. I topped it off by wrestling with him and almost tearing his ACL when he fell of the couch. I should probably add that I won the match. I can pretty much dominate any 7 year old with strep you could throw at me. True.

We're to the point where we're starting to appreciate his tonsils while they're still here with us. Before we know it they'll be gone. I personally don't want to have any regrets so I'd like to just take a moment to say goodbye.

Griff's tonsils - we hardly knew you. You protected the little fella from all kinds of germs and infections...and now you've just about served your time. We'll miss you, tonsils. Oh, we'll treasure these last days/weeks/months/years...every day will be a celebration of our time together.

You've seen so much in such a short time. Know that you'll be missed when that day comes...

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