Thursday, May 08, 2008


Typical morning:

Wake up

brush the teeth

I like to potty potty



make the kid's breakfast

But today was a bit different. Bobby Flay shows up from out of nowhere and challenges me to a breakfast cereal throwdown.


I just thought I was shooting a midwestern breakfast special. I hadn't brought out the big guns. I was going classic Lucky Charms with 2%.

Bobby breaks out the fruit basket, homemade corn flakes and vanilla soy milk.

Had I known he was showing up I would have opted for a cereal that doesn't make a mockery of my people. Honestly though, there is something almost magical about how delicious this cereal is.

I stick with my guns. you can't beat 2% over an oat based cereal flavored by tiny marshmallows.

That's when the judges show up. Mike, from the local organic food supermarket and Cindy, the assistant on Bobby's grillin' show. It seemed like the fix was in.

I will never again doubt those Lucky Charms. I'll admit, I'm partial to those Golden Grahams...but I'm now 1 & 0 wih the L.C.

So you can take those two uppity assistants of yours and head on back to New York Bobby, this here is a 2% milk drinking neighborhood and besides, who puts garlic and hot sauce in cereal?

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