Thursday, March 20, 2008

When it rains, it leaks...

So our roof leaks. That’s not good. And our miniature van broke down (but then we had it fixed…and it was fairly inexpensive and fairly easy) but then I drove through a puddle that was roughly the size of a swimming pool…olympic length.

And now my car keeps stalling out. One of these things happening this week would have been a bummer.

Two would have been a bad week.

All three hitting made me want to box someone’s ears.

So we’re picking apart the problems one by one.

Van – done
car- working on it today
roof – we think we might have a guy?

did I mention our downstairs toilet leaks???

if you see me today, you might want to wear head gear.


  1. my basement is flooded so I can relate to 1 out of 3

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  3. How is Cooper's toilet training going? Maybe the toilet isn't really leaking?