Tuesday, March 25, 2008

helpful hints...

You get a grease stain on your shirt. It’s just a little spot…but it’s driving you nuts (the punch line to my favorite pirate joke) so you wash it. It doesn’t go away though, does it? Of course not – it’s a grease stain.
So you re-wash it? Why would you do that? That’s just silly.
So you throw it away? You only wear it around the house and at Fuller’s parties.
But then what…are you really going to give up on your favorite shirt? The one that you bought at American Eagle for $11.99 on sale from $23?

This is what I did. I took out a common, every day (just to be redundant) normal…ok, you get it…bottle of generic Pam. I took the can out and sprayed the entire shirt. I created an entirely grease stained shirt. It was one big dark stain. Keep in mind that this is a black shirt…so now it was just blacker.

And then I let it dry. And then I washed it…because who wants to wear a greasy shirt?

And this has been Tuesday’s helpful hints.

you’re welcome

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  1. you are CRAZY! and for some reason, this post has me laughing out loud at my desk! funny!