Friday, March 14, 2008

talking to a dummy

Ventriloquists, mimes, chiropractors...these are a few of the professions that people make fun of...

I experienced two of the three yesterday. I've been a big fan of chiropractors for years. If I throw out my back or am having some sort of joint or muscle pain, I always go to the 'ol chiro and they always fix me up. Right now I'm still in pain sitting here, but I'll go back in today and probably feel better by Monday.

I've noticed that people tend to love or laugh at the idea of a chiropractor. These guys take more anatomy classes than a M.D. and they're good at helping all the things line up that should line up.

Ventriloquists on the other'm not quite sure what to say about these guys. They all have the joke about working with a dummy. There's always a point where they stick the dummy in the suitcase and he still talks. I know Fuller loves these guys, but I just don't see it. I guess maybe a mime who does ventriloquism, yet never talks himself...that could be considered something?

We went to Griffin's basketball banquet last night. It wasn't really a banquet because they didn't feed us. There were 4,000 people there. I didn't count, but they kept saying it and I sort of believe them based on the 20 minutes it took us to get out of the parking lot. They introduced each of the 75 teams. This was the half hour warm up to the ventriloquist. After a half hour of team slides the ventriloquist was a welcome relief...sort of.

I found myself wondering what hurt more, the banquet or my back. I'm not sure how you entertain 4,000 parents and the little kids who are on the teams - you have to celebrate the end of the season with that many teams, so you can't really call out any individuals...and have to have entertainment for a pretty wide age range. Tough job. I wouldn't want it.

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  1. I challenge you to find anything more entertaining than a ventriloquist drinking a glass of water while his dummy continues to speak.

    Sure, the dummy sounds like he's gargling, but that's not the point.