Monday, March 24, 2008

it's time

I think we're probably ready to go metric. We're not helping ourselves or anybody else by sticking with the old tried and do we even call our system of measurements?

I think there are about three countries that still use the English Imperial system - and the other two are slightly larger than my couch.

Two politicians having a discussion - "should we go with units of 10, or units of 12?" " Well I'll vote to go with the 10 thing if you vote to put this bridge in my home state" "Do you need the bridge?" ", but it'd be bitchin"

So how many of these feet are there in your mile?

5,280 feet - which are units of 12 inches....which means there lot of inches in a mile.
One liter weighs one kilogram. One pint weighs 1.0431758 pounds

One of these systems seems to make a lot more sense than the other...

I'm just sayin'


  1. So instead of 1st and 10, we're going to have to start saying, "1st and 9.14400 meters." Doesn't quite roll off the tongue.

    Get this commie crap out of here!

  2. For years I have been calling the two liter jug the 0.52 gallon jug in opposition to the liberal cola industry's attempt to harmoize measurement the world over. Next they'll want us to call our carholes a "garage" or something weird like that.
    They won't stop until all of our measurements and weights have some cohesive divisable order to them. If everyone can calculate measurements and weights in their heads what will happen to the burgeoning hand held calculater industry. It's anarchy. Then they'll want us all to use the same alphabet nationwide so that we can communicate freely. It sounds like socialism to me.

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  3. from my house to my favorite coffee shop (kofenya) is one furlong exactly. how do i say that in metric? 201.168 meters?

    you tell me which one is easier.

  4. mad props for slipping the word "bitchin" into the blog. it made me feel dangerous and a bit dirty... like i just stole a road sign... naked.

  5. Can you imagine the reaction if gas became $0.86 per liter? Do you think people would pick up on that?