Thursday, March 06, 2008

Thursday post

I forgot to add Tim Roth to my previous list.

I feel like I’ve let everyone down.

Having said that – I’ll just take a non Holiday to do something normally reserved for the holidays.

I love my wife. I was checking her out this morning, and while I would still think she was the funniest girl I know with the greatest laugh…and she’s the greatest mom on the planet…and friend…she’s really kind of a knock out too. So I’m just saying I love you Annabelle. (she actually reads this blog)

Non-giving of thanks
Things I’m thankful for:
Friends – I really do have some great old and new friends. I’m a lucky lucky fella.

Family – I’ve inherited a pretty cool mom in law and already came equipped with my own great set of Murphy’s. I run into dysfunctional family situation after dysfunctional family situation here a bunch…and it reminds me that our little dysfunctional family aint so bad.

Health – I’m a walking ibuprofen dispenser – but it could be worse. I’m walking.

God – it always feels silly to thank God for loving us enough to die for us – but it’s probably even sillier to ignore that here.

computers – this thing – I can’t even begin to tell you….I’m sorry…I promised myself I wouldn’t cry…

Non-Flag Day
Actually I don’t really care much about flags. Sorry. I read the Greatest Generation and I’m still just not that into them. No offense. It’s just a symbol – not the actual thing. It’s like when I spin my wedding ring on a table and people look at me with shock and horror. It’s not my love for my wife that I’m spinning…it’s the symbol of my love for her.

That’s about all of the holidays I’d like to celebrate the spirit of today…


  1. How come St. Patrick doesn't even get honorable mention, Murphy?

    Why do you hate the Irish so much?!?!?

  2. i love how much you love annie! that is so cool!!!! happy everything day my friend!

  3. Bragg,

    Because Irish people are poor.

  4. Hi there (from Australia), I stumbled across yr blog a couple weeks ago--it's a good'n. I thought I would say hi because coincidentally yesterday (thursday) i posted a Peanuts strip too, and just saw your one this morning. Ok, maybe not mind blowing, but just thought that was cool.

  5. Geez, Murph. Why do you hate poor people?!

    (for the record, I don't think you hate poor people. Just the Irish).