Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Finally made it to everybody's new favorite Swedish super store. Ikea was an experience. We didn't fully explore the place, but it seems like the kind of "furniture" store that you could really turn into a family hang out night.

We immediately felt like we'd come to an amusement park when they had us park 1/2 mile from the entrance. We'd never been inside so I was excited to be so close to the building. They have off site parking with shuttles because of the crowds, so I was just happy to be in the main parking lot. I quickly found out that being next to the building isn't really the sure fire guarantee that I thought it was. It turns out that the entrance was on the other side of the biggest store I've ever been in.

Here's why it's family friendly:
They have cool carts to tote your kids around with.
They have cheap (and I've heard good) food, featuring the Swedish meatball.
They have a kid's play area that looked pretty great.
They give every kid a flag of Sweden and then let them kick a clown.
One of those isn't true.

So we ended out visit by looking at each other and saying, "I thought there'd be more to it than this" and that's when we found out that there was a whole floor we'd missed...and a warehouse full of put it together yourself furniture.

We came out of the deal with the sweetest spatula I've ever laid my eyes upon. I've been coveting the very same spatula on our visits to the Boyd household, but now I'll flip two pancakes at a time from the comfort of my very own kitchen.

I'm a better man for the visit...although I don't see another visit in my immediate future.

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