Sunday, March 16, 2008

pizza inflation

I was talking with a guy that was helping us serve 900 slices of pizza to folks living without the benefit of a home on Saturday. He told me about the pizza biz and how it was taking a hit because of the "global warming"

I figured that if the Earth was getting hotter, that'd make it that much easier to keep those pizza ovens going. I haven't really worked out the math on that, but it sortta figures...

Anyhow, apparently a lot of farmers have gone from growing wheat to growing corn. Ethanol is what all the cool FFA kids are talking about - and wheat is so 1997. If you want to hang out with those kids that still listen to c.d.'s and haven't switched to apple yet - well I guess you can still grow wheat...but we're going to go ahead and save the planet thank you very much.

The problem is that it takes a whole lot more water to grow corn. What am I going to drink while I cruise down the highway in my sweet ethanol guzzling miniature van?

And not only are we using more water, how am I going to pay $4.79 for an all you can eat pizza buffet if these corn lovin' planet huggers are driving up the price of my pizza dough?

If only we could come up with a pizza fueled car. That'd drive up the demand for the crazy bread, more farmers would be cranking it out - that'd drive down the prices - and everybody'd be happy.


  1. At a pizza shop near where I live, they're offering a $400 signing bonus for delivery drivers...I was considering it until I realized I could no longer use the "How do you get a (insert rival college here) grad off your porch?" joke anymore. O well...

  2. Anonymous9:04 PM

    Corn tortilla pizzas. Deal with it.