Wednesday, March 05, 2008

makin' movies

I have three friends that have either finished scripts or are currently working on movie scripts. I'd love to see these movies some day and if it helps to get a little casting advice...well here is who you should try to get:

Jeff Goldblum - he makes every movie better
Steve Buscemi - he's just great and he gives you artistic credibility...sort of
Minnie Driver - funny name, huh?
Gary Oldman - one of the all time great over actors
Kristin Wiig - My favorite girl on SNL
Tom Cavanagh - He was Ed...
Angela Basset - remember her? she was great
Bob Saget - because he's Bob Saget
Denzel - there's only one least that I know of
Bonnie Hunt - was by far the best replacement host for Letterman when he was having heart surgery...and she can play the mom
Kevin Kline - what's not great about Kevin Kline?
Jack Nicholson - one of the all time greats
Don Cheadle - because he can do anything
Kevin Spacey - have you seen The Ref, The Usual Suspects or Seven?
Will Smith - he's just so darn likable
Mike Myers - because I just love me some Mike Myers
Cate Blanchettt - because she's the best actress
Jason Sudeikis or Andy Samberg- You'll be glad you did
Philip Seymore Hoffman - just the best
Diane Keaton - how great would it be to get Annie Hall?
Woody Allen - speaking of Annie Hall
Christopher Walken - just for the stories you can tell later
Brad Pitt - name a bad Brad Pitt movie that doesn't start with Ocean's
Natalie Portman - when is she ever bad in a movie?
Jodie Foster - she's very serious

If you get all of these - well that will cost a lot...and that's kind of a big cast


  1. The answer to your Natalie Portman question is that basketball movie where Sean Connery teaches the basketball player to write and she was the basketball player's girlfriend. In that movie Sean Connery has a line to the b-ball player that says "You the dog man"

  2. No love for Dustin Diamond?

  3. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Except that was Anna Paquin in Finding Forrester.

  4. Anonymous6:44 PM

    and that anonymous comment was from me, Steve Bragg, because I am currently at a computer terminal which won't allow me to sign in.

    I have an excuse for being anonymous today.