Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27th

On September 19th my friend Paul convinced Annie to get me to a church for a surprise conception party being held for me (he told her it was my real birth) and she bought it. She took me out for dinner and then walked me into the church where we would later get married. We walked in and our song was playing.....there were a dozen roses on a big chair and a slide show of Annie and I was playing.

She was confused. I decided to the best way to surprise someone is by distraction. If she was worried about getting me to a surprise party, she'd never even think of me planning one forher. It worked. I dropped to a knee and asked her to be my wife. We then walked downstairs to a room full of friends and family and an actual surprise party.

6 months and 8 days later we walked down that aisle again and tied the knot - on March 27th Annie Conrad became Annie Murphy and changed my life.

9 years later I'm married to a beautiful, funny girl that encourages me as we partner through life.

I'm a lucky man.


  1. That reverse surprise party is a sweet idea. But what if she knew if was a reverse, and she reversed it back. Now THAT would have been amazing. Like a real life game of UNO.


  2. Enjoy your day guys.

  3. like i just got a little teary. issues? yes. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! love you both