Monday, October 22, 2007


I've been thinking about a post I read recently. Here's a couple of lines from the post: I've decided not to write books at this stage in my life because I'm not ready. It's too much about me; it's too much about my fame; it's too much about getting people to love me. Before I write my first book, it needs to be more about Jesus, and less about my personal goals and career aspirations.

This is a part of a much larger post where he sets up and follows this section.
The thing is, I agree with it and think it was well written. What's got me scratching my head is that it was written on a public blog by a fella that has a job speaking in front of big groups, and a ministry where he stands up and speaks in front of big groups.

People aren't buying books like they used to. Blogs are popping up everywhere. You could make a decent argument that if you wanted to have a lot of people read your stuff, you should put together a decent blog instead of writing a book. If you want to attract a crowd, you should speak at events and work your way up into a leadership position with some organization.

I should mention that I actually have a blog. No, seriously...I do. I call it a Web Log, but the kids have shortened that because who really wants to say six letters and two syllables when you can say 4 and 1? Not only do I have a blog, but I spoke at a couple of events this month, and will be traveling a bit to speak at some events next month.

So maybe I can relate to the same sort of struggle that my friend eluded to. I struggle throughout life with motives and intentions.

I know a few artists, and I've never heard of one of them being asked why they paint. I know some musicians and I've never heard of one of them being asked why they play their music. I know some quilters and...ok, I sort of wonder about that one. (but I loves me some warm quilts) I get asked all the time why I blog. A lot of the people who ask me why I would blog end up creating their own blogs. A bunch of them have their own little creative/artistic/interesting little outlets. For some reason, the blog is constantly called into question.

And that's what I'm doing today.

It's a vent. It's a way to record thoughts. It's fun. It's a way to promote. It's a way to communicate thoughts and ideas. It's just something I do.

So back to the post. The idea of staying out of the spotlight and announcing that in a blog just seems sort of contradictory.

I have a friend that has a bit of a following and he really wants to not become the focus of anything. At one point he started a blog as a way to communicate his ideas, but then felt like it was something that he would struggle with (the spotlight of having some sort of a following) So he stopped....but now he has a weekly podcast, so go figure.

So if not wanting to be the focus, or to step into the spotlight would keep me from writing a book...why would I blog? Why would I be a public speaker or leader?

Maybe a book seems like a much bigger thing? Ultimately it's hard to know. I'd hate for my friend not to write his book, because selfishly I'd love to read it. His blog has been one of my favorites for the past year or so. I'd guess that he could inspire many people to action because of his words. He would probably hope the same thing for his why not finish the book? Why not put himself out there and take the risk? Why not write the book under the name, Michael Scott? That actually would solve a lot of the problem right there.

See what I did? I just started typing and out came the answer...I guess I'm done now?

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  1. Maybe he's just lazy and looking for an excuse to not write the book he said he was going to write over the summer.

    Or maybe he's seen other Christians (younger than him) spend MANY hours promoting themselves in order to get published, and wonders what that same type of self-promotion would do to his soul.

    Or maybe he just likes writing blogs that will get mentioned in someone else's blog.

    Or maybe he should just go finish teaching his Monday night class so he can go home and watch television.