Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So I've got a lamp that's not hanging from my dining room ceiling. Tomorrow would be a good day to give that another shot - I'll be home with a sick kid - Griff has that's no good.

The thing is, I can't really hang up a lamp when right above that ceiling is our upstairs ceiling that has a watermark that's growing by the hour. Me thinks we have a leak...

another house problem that we'll eventually fix and no one will notice. It's like when we replaced the air conditioner or the garage door opener. It's nice to have them working again, but it's no fun to get new stuff that's just kind of the same ol 'thing. I don't like putting in new things just to take care of a problem. I'd rather spend my time putting together new things that make a positive difference. I know having a roof that doesn't leak is positive - but I guess I'm saying that I'd rather put some money into something, or some time, or some energy...and have it be the fun new thing.

I'd rather spend a few thousand dollars on a hot tub or a new deck - than on an air conditioner. "Hey, come on over and see my new cold air!" it just doesn't get me that excited.

This is my struggle. I get way more excited about stuff I can show off.

I'm the definition of superficial...or maybe it's just the society that I live in. I read an e-mail from a guy visiting a family in a country where it's a big deal if you have your very own candle. With a candle you can light a room. Light is a big deal.

I'm complaining about a water that's me...

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