Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Get Rich Quickly!!!

You'll thank me later...

Here's what you do. First you pull up a list of every coach you can find. Pull up all the division one football and basketball coaches, and then the list of pro football and basketball coaches, and you put them in order of importance. You put the coaches of the big programs with a history of incredible seasons in the middle. You put the coaches of teams that are consistently at the bottom (the kind with one winning season every ten years) at the bottom of the list. Typically those teams don't have much of a following, so they're not as valuable on this list.

On the very top of the list you'll want to put all of the coaches of teams with a great history, who just happen to be really bad right now. This is a very important group to you for these purposes.

Now, go out to Godaddy.com or one of those cheap site name deals and start buying up sites. buy up http://www.firecoachfillintheblank.com/ sites and just wait for the dollars to start pouring in.

The coaches at the top of the list are probably already taken - that's why they're at the top of the list. It's still worth checking, because this is money in your pocket today. Where the real money comes in, the putting your kids through college or paying off your mortgage in 8 years kind of money - is in buying the sites for coaches that are in year one. If you bought one for Charlie Weis a couple of years ago, you're already ahead of the curve. That's the genius of this plan, each site cost $3-$4. Multiply that by hundreds of sites and you've invested a lot of money.

The secret is keeping the money invested. You've got to lose a little up front to make a barrel full in the end. If you keep it in there just like you kept your microsoft stock in there 20 years ago, it'll pay HUGE!!

just be patient....and you can thank me later

you're welcome

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