Thursday, October 18, 2007

an inconvenient post

One estimate I've recently seen has the internet taking over 5% of the World's electricity. Most of our electricity comes from fossil or nuclear fuels - which makes the argument for electric cars interesting.

Having said that - I know people get on Al Gore for touring the globe on a private jet - going from one of his three or four 10,000 square foot houses to another, lecturing on how we're to conserve energy. He rationalizes all that by saying he's putting a lot of money towards things that help offset his using 73 times the energy that an average American uses. It's like the neighbor who waters the lawn even though they're telling everyone to minimize their water use because of the drought - but he rationalizes it because he's also buying bottled water from another county. That argument is getting old. We get the hypocrisy.

I want to suggest another angle.

Over 5% of the World's electricity is from the internet.
Al Gore invented the internet.
I think Al actually created this problem so he could spend his life talking about how bad the problem is, and then travel on private jets and live in 10,000 square foot houses and win a bunch of prizes.

It's like the new Superman movie where Lex Luther builds his own continent and he creates a land shortage in other parts of the world - so he can sell property.

I guess what I'm saying is that Al Gore is Lex Luther.
It's so obvious - it's been staring us all right in the face.


  1. Algore bugs me as much as the next guy (not that the next guy bugs me, but that Algore bugs the next guy,too).

    However, I'm pretty sure that the efficiencies created by the internet probably create a net negative energy usage. That is to say - if we eliminated the internet, we'd see an immediate 5% drop in energy usage... and then we'd see a 10% increase due to all the inefficiencies that have been created.

    I've always wondered why Algore couldn't fly commercial AND buy carbon offsets. If the environment is really worth saving, why not do everything that you can to do so to solve the problem, instead of just "not being a net contributor to the problem."

    It's kind of like not hiring minorities and making racist jokes all the time, but then saying, "Hey, it's okay, I give a lot of money to the United Negro College Fund to make up for it." Isn't it?

  2. Anonymous9:38 AM

    I don't think having seen the new superman movie is anything to brag about.

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I love hypocrisy posts!

    Could you write your next blog on Ted Haggard, Rush Limbaugh, Jim and Tammy Faye, Jimmy Swaggart, or Peter Popoff?

    That'd be great. Thanks!

  4. I can hardly express how relieved I feel that you have finally put your finger on the splinter in my mind of what to do with Al Gore. Knowing that he is indeed Lex Luthor makes it so much simpler. Just sick Superman on his tail, and honestly, Superman could probably prevent/solve any amount of global warming if he really wanted to. I mean seriously, he made the earth turn backwards to reverse time so he could save Lois.

    If Al Gore is really Lex Luthor, then who is Superman? (and no, I'm not suggesting Bush is, although if he is, best disguise ever!)