Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I can't figure out the knuckleball. I became a big fan of it when I started following Tim Wakefield when he was a rookie with the Pirates. Tim was about to get cut from his minor league team as a first basemen when he started messing around one day with a knuckleball. His manager told him he'd never even make it to double A as a first basemen, so he gave pitching a shot.

15 years later he's still doing it.

So why wouldn't you go out and see if you could throw a knuckleball? I've met some pretty solid college athletes and one thing I've noticed is that they often have crazy hand eye coordination. They often can do many sports well and it's because of their balance and speed. Having said that, it's silly how stupid a good knuckleballer can make a professional baseball player, by just throwing a 65 mph baseball.

You might be able to do the exact same thing. What if you discovered that you could weakly toss a ball across the plate in such a way that it darts and dives and occasionally even seems to rise? You could be in the bigs one year from now. If you make it onto an American League team (lesser league with the hated DH) you wouldn't even have to hit...because let's face it, you can't hit.

It's just one little thing. You'll get a free hat, jersey and parking pass to the a bunch of cash. It's actually a pretty good deal.

Just thought I'd mention it...

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