Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's no fun being broke. I'd like to buy lunch today, but I'm broke.
I'd like to get our van fixed today...and I'm going to...and I'll charge it on our credit card, something we never had to do before this year, because we weren't broke.
I'd like to buy a nice little funny gift to send to my friend in Ireland (two other friends are going out to visit him today) but I'm broke.
I'd like to surprise Annie with some flowers, but I'm broke.
I'm broke as a joke.
As tall as Manute
As short as Herve
As funny as The Office
as great as Saget
as bad as a Paulie Shore movie
as bad as the Bengals are
as cool as Paul Newman
as stubbly as Brad Wise
as cute as Parker
and short lived as New Coke....
That's how broke I am.

But considering the fact that I'm richer than 97% of the world's population...maybe I should stop whining about what I don't have.

I'm complaining about being broke while I'm typing this out in a heated house on an oak table under a second floor full of bedrooms...and did I mention I'm doing this all on my laptop computer?

Perspective, it's not just what's for dinner


  1. Thanks for the reminder of how blessed and cared for we all are despite broken down vans.

  2. I'm sure we are much more broke than you.....LOL! But thanks for the reminder that it could be much worse.