Thursday, March 25, 2010

Welcome to Walmart!

I'm sticking around for awhile, but I'm starting to realize that certain things are probably no longer an option for me.

For instance, I'm way older than most professional that's probably out.

I'm also a little too old to be an eagle scout, cub scout or boy scout. 

I could be a kicker, but there's almost no chance of me being a cornerback in the National Football League.
On the other hand, I could greet at Walmart or even be a cashier!

I could give folksie advice to strangers at bus stops or carry around a metal detector at a beach.

I can't play an elf, but I could definitely pull off being a mall Santa.

I probably can no longer consider being a Mouseketeer, but I could probably be a Musketeer.

Menudo is out, but a solo career is still a distinct possibility.

I'm probably going to stick around with my current gig, but a five meeting day makes me think about all the what ifs...

If only Menudo would have returned my calls twenty years ago...

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