Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It's fairly easy to be paranoid these days.  Question:  Does information = Paranoia?

Here's why I ask...

If you really knew how your food was being treated, how clean the kitchens were, or what was actually in all of the food you ate at a restaurant...you'd be much less likely to eat out.

You'd also be less likely to eat prepackaged food.

You'd be less likely to stay in hotels, or to stop by Fuller's chili party.

I just read an article talking about how crazy it is to put your name and address on your luggage.  Turns out that some unscrupulous baggage handlers aren't above selling your info to bad people who break into your homes while you're on vacation.  I'd never heard of that.

Most of us wouldn't shake hands or make out with hobos.

We wouldn't use the headrests at movie theaters or chew gum we found under the seats.

I'm not sure I'd ever again lend my car to strangers that need to "take a package to Florida"

Never again should I post my social security number online with my birth date asking people which one would look better on my business card.

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm also not sure that Carissa really lives in Missouri.  Show me state? - prove it...

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