Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Quality Time

I can't watch the Wiggles and playing Candy Land makes me wonder - what board games do they reject?

I'm not so good at doing anything with Parker's hair and wonder what it's going to be like when she starts to get really girly...
So far Parker and I mostly wrestle or play Wii Bowling (she scored shot bowled a 156 yesterday).  She's 137 - 137 in wrestling me and pretty close to even in wrestling Cooper.  Griffin is undefeated against Parker and the same with Cooper, but about even when they team up against him.

Now I'm trying to find Father /Cute little girl things for Parker and I to do together.
...and this is what I've landed on.

We bake.  We're bakers.
So far we've baked a half dozen loaves of bread and several dozen oatmeal chocolate chips cookies.

Turns out the kids prefer bread loaded with preservatives and perfectly sliced from the store.  We've used the homemade bread for grilled cheese, Peanut Butter and nothing, cinnamon toast and turkey sandwiches.  They still like the stuff you get from the store better.  It's less dense and they're used to it.
Annie doesn't like oatmeal cookies and we figured 40 cookies would be too many for three kids...so we took a bunch to several of our neighbors.  It was a good father/cute little daughter & fun little son project...

Parker still likes whipping up recipes with her old man - now we just need to find one that is a little more Murphy family friendly...


  1. calzone. teach her the way of the calzone

  2. paint pottery at a pottery place like Mad Potter in Mason... you can start it and take as many visits as you like to finish it. You can also get a COUPON on line to save you a few coins!!! It's fun!