Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I say this with respect

I know he's really smart, but I'm not sure I agree with Joe when he says that the Godfather III is the best of the trilogy.

I really respect how this guy thinks, but I'm not sure Brad is right when he says that "the best athletes in America can be found in every bowling alley"

An argument can be made that Julee isn't altogether correct when she goes into her, "you'll never find an stand up comedian that can make people laugh like Jim J. Bullock!!"

While Fuller knows a thing or two about pointy shoes, I'm just not sure that clubbing baby seals is humane because they "were asking for it"

Buddha is constantly trying to get me to sign his "bring back New Coke" petition, but I'm fairly satisfied with my 2010 edition of Diet Coke.

As much as I love talking politics, when Stacy tells me that H. Ross Perot was the most brilliant man to ever run for office...well, who could argue with that?

And if Micah wants to go on and on about the Left Behind series being the "greatest piece of literature since The Late Great Planet Earth" well...I'm just not sure.

Ultimately we don't all have to agree with Bragg's assertion that universal health care should be for pets and bearded men.  It's not about all of us agreeing about everything...

so let's just agree to disagree...and occasionally agree...but sometimes argue...and every once in a while throw stuff at each other...and maybe start a rap battle...but that really should be the extent of it all...

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